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CAG’s mission has been, and will continue to be, enforcement of California’s consumer protection laws for the benefit of the public. CAG’s officers and directors protect the health and welfare of Californians as well as educate the public about the dangers of harmful products and the injurious activities of various companies.Since 1998, CAG has succeeded in getting between 200 to over 400 companies to reformulate their products by either entirely removing harmful carcinogens and reproductive toxins from their products, or by reducing the levels of harmful chemicals to levels which are approved by the Attorney General’s office. CAG never settles unless the settlement includes reformulation and/or warnings for the products of concern. CAG, since its founding, has effectuated 650 settlements of which 472 include reformulation. The other 144 settlements, which do not specifically mention reformulation, included some form of injunctive relief for the benefit of the public. CAG started to push for reformulation in all its settlements around 2009, which resulted in nearly 83% of CAG’s settlements since 2009 to include reformulation of consumer products. CAG still pushes for reformulation in its settlements to this day. In CAG’s experience, companies usually, but not always, prefer to reformulate rather than provide warnings on their products. Importantly, many of CAG’s settlements are for multiple consumer products and/or product categories instead of a single product. CAG has caused thousands of products to be reformulated in order to make those products safe for consumers.


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