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Consumer Advocacy Group, Inc. was formed by citizens of California concerned about the hazardous impact of toxic chemicals in our environment, consumer goods, and food . For more than 20 years, CAG has aggressively pursued the enforcement of environmental laws to ensure a clean and healthy future for generations to come.

Quote from the California Attorney General Website

"Proposition 65 has motivated businesses to eliminate or reduce toxic chemicals in numerous consumer products. Products that have been reformulated as a result of notices of violation or litigation include ceramic tableware, artificial turf, household faucets, children's jewelry, potato chips, candy, and vitamin supplements. Proposition 65 has also resulted in significant reductions in toxic air pollution – both outdoor (diesel school bus and grocery truck emissions) and indoor (salon worker exposures to formaldehyde, toxic solvents in nail products, and formaldehyde gas release from the building materials in portable classrooms). Proposition 65 has induced 'quiet compliance' without the need for litigation, in which manufacturers voluntarily take steps to comply by providing their suppliers with specifications so that the ingredients in their products avoid or significantly limit exposure to listed chemicals. The law has also educated the general public about exposures to specific toxic chemicals in consumer products, buildings, and the environment, creating both demand and market reward for less-toxic products. Finally, Proposition 65 litigation has identified specific chemical exposure concerns and led to regulatory reforms to benefit public health at the state and national level. For example, the California Legislature adopted strict standards for lead in jewelry that were based on a Proposition 65 settlement over the failure to warn about lead in jewelry, and state and federal restrictions on lead in candy are based on the level established in a Proposition 65 case."

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